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a really good drink.
as seen in Dogma by Kevin Smith.
At the bar:
(barkeep doesn't know how to make a Holy Bartender)
Azrael to group: Anyone who knows how to make a Holy Bartender?
Hm. Well I do.
(shoots bartender with uzi)
by scornflakes October 09, 2005
If you are annoyed by some bitch or the conversation is not really going and you are getting bored by the casual word exchange you can egnore the other one, by plugging in one earplug first and then as if you just found the best song ever plug in the other earplug. If the other one is stupid enough to keep talking, you should nod sometimes to pretend that you are listening to him.
While we were in the bus, this guy suddenly started talking about his PROBLEMs, but I egnored him without turning a hair. He soon understood that he'd better keep his fucking mouth shut.
by scornflakes October 30, 2005
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