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The anti-honeymoon. Rather than being a holiday taken in the aftermath of one's wedding, a cunnymoon is a trip taken by a man recently made single, where his sole aim is to get some carnal, commitment free action.
Did you hear Jason booked a holiday?
Yeah, he's going on a cunnymoon after the break-up with Sarah.

I took a three week cunnymoon in Pathos, forgot all about the lying, cheating bitch that broke my heart.
by schuu March 06, 2009
a marriage of the words 'sore' & 'awesome', suggesting that something was so good as to induce physical pain.
Man, we had amazing sex last night, it was so good that I'm in pain this morning - it was soresome.

Did you hear that guitar solo, soresome!

I did the Iron Man Triathlon last year, it was totally soresome.
by schuu February 26, 2009

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