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1. A rare species of crocodile, that was shaped like a penis. It has been reported that the species is gay, as their method of breeding is by headbutting each other, which is probably why they are almost, if not already, extinct. Which brings up the question of how did they get here in the first place?

2. A weak insult often referring that he's "gay" (not literally in most cases).
1. Look over there! It's those damn cockadiles having gay sex again.

2. Jared is a fucking cockadile in that pink shirt.
by schniggleh April 03, 2005
A little gnome that lives in the bottom of people's underwear draws, hoping one day to be mistaken for underwear. It is a versatile word that can be used in place of a word that the user has forgotten, but more often than not is a weak insult.
That schniggleh stole my spleen!

Person 1: Let's go to the... schniggleh
Person 2: You mean the cinema?
Person 1: Yes, that's what i meant.
by schniggleh April 02, 2005
Originally a dinosaur that became extinct in the Jurassic period with a big weiner, therefore the other dinosaurs disliked him. It is now used on people we dislike, even if they don't have a big weiner.
You are a weinersaurus
That new guy is a smelly weinersaurus rex
If that weinersaurus talks to me one more time i will cry like a little schoolgirl
by schniggleh April 02, 2005
He originally comes from Korea, but moved to Australia in his earlier years. He is an asian gansta with a big sore on the side of his face that never heals. His party tricks involve squeezing puss out of his hole and beating people at Mario Kart. Also used to describe asians who are crazy.
"That asian thinks he can beat me at counterstrike, what a krazy korean"
"I wish i could squeeze puss out of my head like krazy korean"
by schniggleh April 02, 2005

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