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11 definitions by schmuckaneers

When overweight men undergo breast reduction surgery.
A recent conference on plastic surgery trends revealed a 44% rise in moob jobs between 2007 and 2008 making it the fifth most popular plastic surgery for men in england.
by schmuckaneers September 17, 2009
Aka: Goatee; A pattern of facial hair on a homosexual male, forming a circular targetoid shape around the mouth. Origin in key west in the late 80's.
Mahal: Hey greg, you know sandy and her cousin kenny?

Greg: She has a lot of cousins- which one is he?

Mahal: He's that 40 year old dude with the old used corvette and a key west bullseye.

Greg: Oh yeah- that guy- I know exactly who you are talking about.
by schmuckaneers June 03, 2009
When something is cheaply constructed, made in china 3 months ago, but is "aged" to look like a real antique. These items are easy to purchase at pier one or other mid to lower end "import" stores.
Colin: Hey did you see Dave's new place? He just got a bunch of stuff from that mall store that sells cheap imports.

Paul: I don't see why that guy thinks buying all those fauxtiques is gonna make his place look good. He has brass plated elephants for crying out loud.

Colin: I know, its horrible. It looks like the best western "safari experience" theme hotel.
by schmuckaneers June 29, 2009
When something is popular enough to be mainstream, but is really only mainstream for white people. Emo music is a good examle of whitestream.
Anup: Hey did you know snoop dog just had a show in town?

Tammy: Oh I loved him back in high school- that's too bad I missed it

Anup: It was good, the audience was almost entirely white people though-it was a little strange

Tammy: Yeah, I had heard he's really gone whitestream recently.
by schmuckaneers June 06, 2009
When there is a very large discrepancy among siblings in hotness. Usually used when one sibling is very attractive, and the other one has been beaten severely with the ugly stick.
Minnix: God damn Alisha is so hot- I think she is the hottest bartender in the whole city.

Matt: Have you met her sister Jen?

Minnix: No- but I hope I do soon, thank god there are two of them...

Matt: Not so fast- there is some serious sibcrepancy there- Jen looks like someone punched her in the mouth with a fistfull of shit.

Minnix: Oh man, that's terrible-that means you aren't guaranteed to have a good looking kid with Alisha. Her stock just plummeted. How depressing.
by schmuckaneers May 13, 2009
pronounced "baa-lous" - a contraction of the words Butt and Callous. A term describing the desensitization of the butt and groin that comes with sitting on a bicycle seat for extended periods. Without a proper ballous, cycling for long durations becomes extremely painful.
Floyd: Man- those guys on the Tour De France are impressive. They can ride for hour after hour on those crazy hard seats!

Greg: I know, I wish I had a ballous like that- I was riding last weekend and after several hours, I hurt so bad I couldn't sit anymore, but my legs were too tired to stand- It was like some medieval torture device!
by schmuckaneers July 21, 2009
South florida slang term referring to the withdrawal technique during sexual intercourse. Immediately prior to ejaculation, the male withdraws and "blows his load" over the female's mons pubis, the anatomical region directly above the vagina, covered in pubic hair unless the female has recently waxed.

Most commonly encountered when sexual relations are ongoing, but early enough in the relationship that the female has not been taking her birth control pills long enough.
Jason: Hey Kenny- how are things going with you and that girl Kathy?

Kenny: Pretty good- we've been slammin for a bit now- Still frosting the mons though.

Jason: Still waiting for the pill to kick in?

Kenny: Yup- only 1 more week to go
by schmuckaneers June 23, 2009