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A phrase from two-way radio. It combines "Roger" (meaning "Received") and "Wilco" (meaning "will comply"). The letter R had been phonetic alphabet shorthand for "Received", and over the radio it became "Roger". In the military, Roger and Wilco are used exclusively. Basically it means I hear you and will comply with your wishes or command.
air traffic controller: we have had reports of severe thunder storms near you at 22000 feet. reduce altitude to 18,000 feet.

another one:

Wife: Honey pick up some milk on the way home.

Husband: Roger wilco

pilot: roger wilco
by schizzy February 01, 2009
the female equivalent of a guy "rubbing one out" or masterbating.
that guy is so hot, i'm gonna roll my raisin after we win this softball game.
by schizzy July 07, 2009
An insecure female or male who pays for their own professional photo shoots in order to claim that they are a model however they have never "modeled" or been paid to be in the profession. These pictures usually end up on Facebook or other social media in an attempt to get attention however the "model" is usually pitied or ridiculed for being so pathetic as to attempt such a desperate grasp for attention.
Did you see Betty's posted more fauxdel pics on Facebook? Yeah, how pathetic. I heard she offered to model for Goodwill Industries for free and they turned her down.
by schizzy February 19, 2014

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