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A derogatory term used in the south to describe people from India or the like. It is the typical sound Indians make when speaking English, since they commonly over stress the "D" sound in many words. The term was coined by a fellow by the name of Matt Williams from Stockbridge ,GA. The use of this term is spreading like wild fire.
In Times Square last friday another hobby dobby tried to blow some shit up.
by sceneyour May 05, 2010
Douche-a-rang. - dush'-uh-rang (noun): any person, place, thing, or idea that has lost it's usefulness, but no matter how many attempts are made to dispose of the worthless piece of shit, it always finds its way back to you and usually hits you in the asshole..
During the 100 plus times Obama gave that same damned national health care sales pitch speech, and was resoundingly rejected,he refused to stop throwing that douche-a-rang around...Now it is about to hit our collective asshole.
by Sceneyour May 06, 2010

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