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The practical experience of life, including hardship and disappointments.

Often used by those who couldn't/didn't go to college for whatever reason and instead went through hardships and disappointments.
He pulled himself up by the bootstraps and made his way through the school of hard knocks.
by scarletswitchblade June 14, 2004
A misspelled form of southern belle, which this website apparently doesn't have the definition of.

A southern belle is a beautiful, rich and innocent girl from the Southern states of the U.S. The term is most commonly found in romance novels or books, since society is being taken over by a new generation that doesn't deign to use it. (psst, that means us, the teenagers and future of America. A sad bunch, aren'we?)
Student's essay: Theodore Roosevelt married a southern bell from the a plantation in the hills of Carolina.

Teacher's note: The proper spelling is southern bell, and Mrs. Lincoln was not from Carolina, check your facts.
by scarletswitchblade February 21, 2004
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