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A motor boat, is a boat that driven by a motor. Can be fx gasolin, diesel, electric or petro motor. People who are searching for a motor boat used or a new boat, often goes to the website www.scanboat.com where they find motor boats from all over Europe.
A wellknown Motorboat - motor boat could be fx. Bayliner, SeaRay, Princess, Maxum or Larsson boat. There are 1000´s of different boats with motor.
by scanboat December 04, 2011
A sailboat - sail boat, is a boat that driven by sails. Some have 1 sail others 2 sails or more. Thoses that aresearching for a sail boat, used or a new boat, visits the scandinavian website www.scanboat.com where they will find sail boats from all over Europe and especially from Scandinavia.
As Sailboat - sail boat you will find fx. Maxi, Bavaria, Albin boats, Dehler, Swan, Jeanneau, Beneteau etc.
by scanboat December 04, 2011
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