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having a clean record; where nothing can be used against a person or give someone else a reason to cause him trouble
Kathleen: Well, maybe it's something you've forgotten, something stuck away in the back of your mind.
Brad: No, I'm clean as a peeled egg. No debts, no angry husbands, no payouts, nothing.
Kathleen: Well, people don't just go around committing murder and frame-ups for the fun of it.
-The Dark Corner, 1946
by scalibrini August 19, 2007
an assignment to follow someone without being noticed; undertaken by private detectives
"No guy in his right mind wears a white suit on a shag job."
-Bradfort Gait, in The Dark Corner
by scalibrini August 19, 2007
an erection of the penis
"She thought that there was garbage there."

-Larry David, about his wife's friend looking down at his crotch
by scalibrini August 04, 2007

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