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n. a piece of neighbor dog feces deposited in your yard which is then hurled back into the yard of the rightful owner.
"That scumbag Carmine let his dog shit in our yard again. I'll get even with that cocksucker and throw the italian lawn dart back onto his feakin' lawn."
by scabbrain April 05, 2010
n. body of persons clustering in small groups ranging from five to six individuals for the purpose of consumerism, esp. Walmart.
As I approached the store front I passed a mexican hockey team carrying bags of their recently purchased goods.
by scabbrain April 02, 2010
n. A turd which coils about the bowl.
As I stood up upon completing my morning defecation; I took extreme pride in the fine bowl curl for which I had created.
by scabbrain August 04, 2010
n. The sensation of angina one feels when consuming ice cream too quickly.
I ate my sundae so voraciously that I started getting chest pains but I knew it was just an ice cream heart attack.
by scabbrain May 09, 2010
n. A pussy who doesn't eat meat. Not even on Thanksgiving.
Bob is such a pussy vagatarian, he won't even nibble on a drumstick. Let's beat the shit out of him!
by scabbrain November 17, 2010
v. Upon completion of defecation, standing up and wiping, a sudden and overwhelming urge occurs, compelling the person to immediately sit down and defecate once again.
Just as Fred felt as though he had stopped shitting like a demon; he got up and wiped himself clean. Then all of a sudden a sharp pain in his lower abdomen forced him to double down on the toilet and shit once again.
by scabbrain May 17, 2010

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