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a quarterback who backs up the statement, "THE ONLY IMPORTANT STATS ARE THE WIN AND LOSS COLUMNS." In his years at virginia tech and on the falcons, he is 53-13. hes not the best passer, but he more then makes up for it with his amazing running skills and the fear his abilities strike in opponents. opposing teams have had to change their defensive scheme to account for him. very similar to vince young, but youngs passing skills are far superior. but vick might be more of a threat to run. he does fumble too much, but besides that, he is a real leader who inspires his teamates and makes his whole team better. not only that, but he is a very genuine person, donating time and money to many boys clubs in the atlanta and newport news areas. he is also a very coachable player, who is eager to learn and improve his game.
michael vick isnt the best quarterback in history, but no one can deny that he is a great player.
by sbarker15 July 08, 2006

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