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Nickname for the Oakland Athletics, a kickass baseball team that always gets screwed over by teams with more money.
Screw all you yankee fans out there. Rich Bastards.
by SB May 22, 2004
A popular brand of vodka - Stolichnaya
I want a Stoli White Russian!
by sb July 15, 2004
Stands for Judgement Under God. The form of punishment given at catholic schools.
I got jugged for being a dumbass
by SB May 19, 2004
Trademarked insult originating from the word weenis, which means "to imagaine." Therefore, a penis weeniser is one who thinks about penises all the time.
8===D what do u see on yer computer screen? That's nasty, you penis weeniser!
by SB September 13, 2004
spanish word meaning "to castrate oneself"
Estoy córneo, necesito me castrar.
by SB May 21, 2004
someone who doesn't know what a sniploo is.
You are now no longer a sniploo. Congratulations.
by SB May 21, 2004
Noun. A snappybus is a vehicular mode of transport used to manouvre people of a low intelligence rating (often known to attempt to eat ice-cream through their nostrils at fund-raising football events) from point A to point B.
You idiot, you belong in the snappybus.
by SB August 08, 2004
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