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i huge line of cocaine
"roll up that bill so i can take this gangsta line to tha face"
by saynotocrack November 02, 2003
crack cocaine
"hey crackwhore, i've got an eightball of sheeze. i might share some if you suck my dick"
by saynotocrack November 02, 2003
(v.) when a crackhead pretends like he's out of sheeze when really he's got that shit hidden in his pocket/sock/etc and he's jonesing to go do that sheeze all by himself
(n.) the sheeze that is being deegled
two crackheads are toasting an eightball together when all the sheeze on the table has been taken to the lung. crackhead#2 has sheeze hidden in his sock that he plans on doing later all by himself.

crackhead#1: "damn dude... that eightball sure went fast... i wish we had more"
crackhead#2: "yeh man.. that sux.. i'm bouncin" (goes and smokes his deegle without crackhead#1)
by saynotocrack November 02, 2003

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