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A word which Arabs use - generally as slang - which has a similar effect to the Americans saying "Oooooooooh!" for example when someone starts a fight.

Or it can mean in your face.

It is like a real version of "pwned".
guy: I'm not going to go out with you sorry
girl: who said I wanted to go out with you anyway loser
random person: AFAAAAA!
by Sawsan October 21, 2006
No shit - usually used sarcastically, as in, obviously

Dumb shit - dumb person

Shit happens - bad stuff happens.

Bullshit - when someone says 'Bullshit!' it means they assume the person they're talking to is lying, bullshit means 'Lies'.

The shit - good stuff.

Shit! - used in exclamation, to show surprise, disappointment, anger, disbelief, you get the drift.

Jackshit - don't know how to define it. But when someone says 'you don't know jackshit' it means the person doesn't know anything.

Shit - it can mean stuff. In the most literal way I can think of that is used today, it means excretions and stuff. Poo. Crap. Whatever you call it.
'I scored 18 goals.'

'Black Sabbath is the shit!'

'Shit! I lost my phone.'
'Shit! No way!'
'Shit, what the hell is going on?'
'Shit. We lost.'

'You didn't hear jackshit!'

'There was a huge pile of shit in the toilet.'
'Birdshit stained the car window.'
by Sawsan June 26, 2005
A new slang word invented (or reinvented for that matter) in Peru to mean someone smokes weed.
"Dang, that kid looks really stoned"
"Don't you know? He's a hardcore grasshopper"
by sawsan July 24, 2008

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