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A skenermo is a person(usually a boy) who is a goes to shows, is depressed, and skateboards. also see scene emo and skater
I love my skenermo boyfriend.
by savxsexcore December 22, 2006
Scene kids are usually teenagers (between 13 and, well, truly grown up) who go to shows alot. They mosh, alot. The typically listen to scremo. EMO KIDS ARE NOT SCENE. the consider it an insult to be called emo. they also tend to fallow scene points and if they don't know what those are donot hold it against them because they are either new or the just don't give a fuck. actually, that was it, they dont give a fuck about anything, and speaking as a scene girl, i don't even care who i fuck, and many of my peers agree. we like to be able to get to shows free. typically there is weed involved, or pills, or alcohol, most of the time all three. cigarettes are also love, and there is an obsession with guns. YAY GUNS! black eyeliner with neon eyeliner around it are very popular for boys and girls, as are drain pipes. hats are uncool because, well common, they mess up are georgous hair. its also considered more scene to cut your own hair. its not scene to have the same cut as other kids in your local scene because thats making yourself into a poser. posers are not cool. FUCK POSERS! guys are usually bi. this is not that unhot. but sometimes it is...sex is cool. sex with lead singers of local bands, or (if your the luckiest woman on the face of the earth) sex with the lead singer of a huge band like Taking Back Sunday is the greatest thing you can do. Now, you can go fuck yourselves. I have a polar pop, some fiddle faddle and a copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower waiting for me. ktnxbai
Omg, i totally fucked him, other wise i wouldn't be here right now, i spent all my money on weed. yea, and of course i'll share. I walked here, too. MORE SCENE POINTS FOR ME!

Go SCene KIds!
by savxsexcore October 18, 2006

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