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Darwinsm is a religion. Darwinists believe that everyone has 9 lives like a cat. Charles Darwin is the religious leader but he is not a god. Because he only lost one of his 9 lives, he is not dead, but living under water. The holy food of Darwinsm is butter. Darwinists eat at least 2 oz. of butter per meal and eat 5 meals per day. Eating butter is their way to connect to Charles Darwin. They also go to Costco at least once a week and they go to every sample twice. The biggest holiday is on the 4th of July and all Darwinists compete in the hot dog eating contest. Followers of Darwinsm also must go to a fancy pie restaurant on this holiday and when a waiter/waitress asks them if they would care for a slice of pie, they yell their motto, "WE DONT TAKE JUST ONE SLICE OF PIE, WE TAKE THE WHOOLLEEE THING!" Darwinists are fat merlin atheist cats.
Do u practice darwinism?
by savso78 April 21, 2011

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