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When you upload an image onto the social networking app Instagram, and you proceed to get many likes on the picture, hopefully from many great looking dimes and slampieces to insure maximal domage and increasing the growth of ones social ego.
"Avery how many likes did you get on that picture of the sky with the Camera+ HDR effect on it?"

"Dood I got like 53!!!"

"Damn dood thats mad instadome"
by SaulSilver November 18, 2012
Duy was born in Sparta, Greece. When he was only 5, he had began to show extraordinary skills beyond those of any other humans alive. For example, after being thrown off a cliff, he walked away with absolutely no injuries. At age 10, he had mastered every martial arts known to man. He was challenged by many people, and he walked away as the victor every time. Some believe that he discovered the holy grail at age 12, but he forgot where he had put it, and it still remains lost to this day. Another story claims that Duy was attacked by a ghost one night, and though it was suffocating him, he managed to strangle it to death. Many do not know this, but Duy was in the same college as Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker when he was 15. Probably the most famous story of Duy Do is when he was 16. He happened to stumble upon the set where Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were choreographing their martial arts scene. There, Duy challenged both of them to a fight, and he allowed them to fight together. Chuck Norris tried to roundhouse kick Duy, but in one swift motion, Duy grabbed his leg, and easily knocked Chuck Norris out with one fist. Bruce Lee came at Duy with a flurry of punches and kicks. Duy easily maneuvered around them, and delivered a powerful kick into Bruce Lee's face, knocking him out cold. Duy was offered a part in the movie, but he refused, saying, "What? No." Throughout his whole childhood, Duy was called the most amazing person.
Duydo is undoubtedly the most powerful person alive.
by saulsilver August 24, 2008

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