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4 definitions by satchmo

Stating the intention of leaving in the immedate future.
"Later y'all, Im out."
by Satchmo March 04, 2004
A secret code that is a sneaky way of telling an awesome girl that you love her on the internet.
p.s. a2 2ll <3. Goodnight.
by Satchmo August 04, 2004
sexual act whereby a man with an unwiped, freshly shitty ass titty fucks a woman leaving the doo-doo residue on her abdomen thus providing her with a number one t-shirt.
dude, she was so drunk she asked me to give her a number one t-shirt before i strawberry shortcaked her!
by satchmo April 26, 2005
man you'd like to fuck. Works the same way milf does.
Said by a guy: I am a mylf
by Satchmo January 31, 2005