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1. a person who likes to be alone, and doesn't belone in any particular group

2. a wolf (canis lupus) that doesn't belong to any particular pack, and wanders around.
1. I like to be by myself a lot in school because I think better alone, so I'm a lone wolf.

2. The lone wolf wandered through the forest, ignoring the cheerful howls of the pack that had just caught a kill.
by sasukewolf August 16, 2008
Quietly moving around places that you aren't supposed to. Also to come up behind someone without noticing and possibly scaring them if they notice you.
"What are you doing sneaking around here at this time of night?"

by sasukewolf July 10, 2008
A fan story is a story written by fans about a favorite tv show, movie, book, or almost anything else you can think of.

Fan stories can come in many types of genres: angst, action and adventure, anime, alternate universe, self insertion, and many more. Fan stories can be about almost anything relating to the tv show or movie that the story is depicted on. The original canon can be in Japan and the fan story can be in the U.S. or France or in a made up world that the writer created. There can also be pairings in a fan story such as NaruSaku, ShikaIno, and even yaoi stories such as SasuSaku.

A fan story is also another way to describe Fan Fiction.

There are quite a few websites that are based on fan fiction such as fanlib.com or fanfiction.com
Kylewin of fanlib.com wrote an amazing Naruto time travel fan story that's over 23 chapters long!
by sasukewolf July 10, 2008
A genre of fan fiction or a fan story that is mainly about the death of the main character and/or possibly of events after the character's death.
I'm trying to make a good plot for my Naruto deathfic, where Naruto's killed by Sasuke when they were twelve.
by sasukewolf July 10, 2008

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