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1 definition by sargs

Verb: To play one song on repeat for an indefinate period of time.

Origin: Ben "Three Majors" Tandy developed this technique 48 hours before his final project at University was due in, originally as an attempt to alter his own time perception and hence reduce the anxiety of the ticking clock situation he found himself in. The song he "Timberlaked" in this instance was Justin Timberlake - Senorita.

Timberlaking is now enjoyed by many as an alternative to listen to lots of different songs in an indefinate time period. It is usually because they really like the song, but the technique can also be used to effectively slow the passage of time.

Try it out!
Guy 1: Got a tight deadline? Timberlake your troubles away! My tip - SexyBack by The Reverent JT. It's so fierce!

Guy 2: You're gay, dude.
by sargs August 04, 2006