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A fine, upstanding young virgin woman from Final Fantasy 7 who, unfortunately, has become the obsession of many perverted hentai artists, and has the most (fabricated) nudie pictures of any anime-based character
"I have about 2.34 gigs of Tifa hentai"
"MUTHA!!!!!!"*shots fired*
by Sarge October 22, 2003
fictional orginization created for Team America: World Police. satire of the Screen Actors Guild AKA S.A.G
most of the F.A.G.s are assholes and pussies
by Sarge January 11, 2005
Vassal of Laharl, and possibly the sexiest demon in the netherworld, short of the succubus
"Wow, Etna just killed like 20 people while remaining strangely sexy"
by Sarge October 22, 2003
The funniest thing on the internet. Also, the person above me is a large fucktard, as there is no motion capture in RvB. Eat it, cockbite.
"I went to Red vs. Blue and watched episode 2 thrity times before returning to wanking to Morrigan hentai"
by Sarge October 22, 2003
1.make someone an offer and give them the choice of accepting and living, or refusing and dying. Taken from "The Godfather" trilogy.
2. Same as above, but instead of killing them, you take(kill) something or someone very dear to them.
The band-leader refused to let Johnny Fontane out of his contract, so Don Corleone made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
by Sarge February 13, 2005
To place a pistol or other firearm behind a persons kneecap and pull the trigger, obliterating the knee and crippling the victim. A common mob tactic.
The track star wouldn't pay his debts, so we knee capped him.
by sarge September 08, 2005
a place where cliff redish sucked balls
cliff sucked balls on the fifth floor
by sarge October 06, 2004
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