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one who enjoys band of all sorts. usually gets along wel with theater and tech kids, but not cheerleaders, football players, or chorus members. there are all kinds of band geeks.

some are even reasonably cool, even by cheerleader-football player standards. in fact, a bisectional (well, maybe it doesn't count, but she was a majorette and a sax player, which in my book counts as bisectional) won homecoming queen this year. however, i really could not possibly care less about these 'cooler' people, since all being cool in high school gets you is fake validation from annoying drunks anyway. not that i'm a loser, but you get my point.

some are ridiculously weird. one tuba playing girl is known to use food coloring on her hair and fingernails when she gets bored in the band room. i don't think that anyone should really go this far just to prove they don't care about image. but you see, there are all kinds of bandies and the best thing is to be in the BAND in-crowd. meaning you are part of the elite group of good-looking bandies who have an insane amount of fun all the time, and you're not necessarily well-known in the school, so there's no pressure to be cool all the time, but you're not really hated or seen as a freak, which is nice.

top reasons to strive to be in this group:
10. the band room is an awesome place to hang out and get away from the ridiculousness of normal high school.
9. it's true what they say: inter-band dating is the best kind. and no, the guys are not all fat, ugly, gay, creepy, or even remotely weird. i wouldn't know what to do without band guys, actually.
8. you can be a pretty majorette/colorguard and still play an instrument and remain in this group.
7. you make amazing friends
6. most bands take trips somewhere, like disney, where you and your friends are pretty much the coolest people there, in your book.
5. marching in step with all of your friends, all the time, without thinking about it, makes for some good times.
4. all of your friends will have an impeccable taste in music, not to mention the fact that they will be smart and capable of carrying on intelligable conversations.
3. you really, honestly, do not know what you are missing if you're not a band geek.
2. its a good way to get respect from adults even if you are a slacker who gets into way too many shenanagans for your age.
1. uh...the band room thing again. it is seriously awesome.

to sum it all up, if you have a negative definition of band geeks in mind, change it. seriously. we're not freaks, we're just a lot cooler than you, but don't show it off.
john: hey, do you guys want to go out after the football game?
sarah: yeah. let's go to fridays. i just need to stop in the band room and find some stuff. i know it's in my slot somewhere. i love the fact that i keep everything in there. lol
john: alright, meet us by my car. {smiles}
sarah: ok. {smiling back}
cheerleader 1: i didn't know that band geek actually talked to boys. especially not hot guys like that. oh wait, he's in band. what do you think they're talking about?
cheerleader 2: idk, probably something stupid about tubas and stuff.
cheerleader 1: omg you're seriously right. what freaks!

jane: i can't wait for the florida trip this year!
ben: i know. i swear the band geeks are going to have so much fun.
by sara127 June 15, 2008

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