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15 definitions by santoshgeorge

This is the wanker's day, celebrated on Feb 14, this is similar to Valentine's Day but for persons who have no sexual partner and thus resort to wanking themselves. This is a special day of remembrance for wankers of their own status.
Bob: Hey Frank, wish you a happy Wankentine's Day

Frank: Same to you Bob.

by SantoshGeorge February 14, 2008
63 15
A drink made by having males ejaculate into a cup and adding fruits, vegetables, whipped cream and other flavorings and seasonings to make it wholesome. Depending on the variety of the males involved variations such as the Minnesota Cum Smoothie, South Indian Smoothie, 5th Ave Smoothie and such can be made.
Bob to gym friends: Hey guys, why don't y'all come over to my place and we can make ourselves a muscleman's cum smoothie.

by SantoshGeorge February 17, 2008
19 7
A person who masturbates so much that it affects everything else in his personality and his life. He becomes a wanking monster, similar to the creation of Frankenstein.
Fred Wankenstein has been playing with himself so much now that he is late for work regularly.
by SantoshGeorge February 14, 2008
18 7
BWI stands for Browsing While Intoxicated. This is similar to DWI for driving. BUI is a situation where a drunk person is having a great time browsing the internet and having fun.

Clinton: What are you doing? Wanna come over to my place to watch some TV

Santosh: Sorry but I am BWI!
by SantoshGeorge March 07, 2009
9 3
This is an extended masturbation session of gratitude, formed by combining the words "wank" + the German word "danke" for thank you + "thon" from marathon.
Mom: Alright son, I fixed you a great supper. How are you going to thank me?

Son: Mom, I am going to do a wanke-danke-thon in your honor tonight.

Mom: Oh I am flattered!
by SantoshGeorge October 16, 2008
6 1
A futon in the apartment (usually studio) of a loser who has no girlfriend and is always masturbating.
Kristen: Whew, I thought I might get pregnant the other night.

Jacinda: Why, what happened?

Kristen: I sat on Santosh's cum-stained futon when I visited him.
by SantoshGeorge September 24, 2008
4 1
A cum-stained futon (or CSF) is what you find in the home of a low-class loser who is always at home beating off on his futon. It is stained with his semen (cum) drops.
Jane: Did you visit Peter's apartment?

Mary: Yes I did. He had a cum-stained futon in there.

Jane: Yuck!
by SantoshGeorge March 09, 2008
6 3