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A collage consisting of various rank bitches from your favorite stick mags cut, paisted and constructed into the one perfect woman
I used homemade glue on this scratch and sniff wankenstein, see you next week dude.
by Browning Smears November 15, 2003
A person who masturbates so much that it affects everything else in his personality and his life. He becomes a wanking monster, similar to the creation of Frankenstein.
Fred Wankenstein has been playing with himself so much now that he is late for work regularly.
by SantoshGeorge February 14, 2008
A collage consisting of rank bitches from one's favorite stick mags cut and arranged to form the perfect woman.
Homemade glue for this scatch and sniff wakenstein, see you next week dude.
by Browning Smears November 15, 2003
a sci fi porno and parody of frankenstein
we just watched "the return of dr. wankenstein" on hbo
by naked person April 08, 2004
The process of doing two 180 degree rotations while sliding on a rail on skis and then landing with your testicles on the rail. Pain may be involved in such a trick, especially for the gentlemen.
Billy: So what trick are you going to do in the snowpark today.
Johnson: I Dunno, maybe a double switch-up on a flat rail.
Billy: Oh golly Miss Molly, i think you should go for a triple switch-up.
Johnson: Are you crazy?! If I were to attempt such a trick and land on my goods on the 3rd switch-up, I could pull off a Wankenstein.
Billy: Good point. What was I thinking?
Johnson: You weren't thinking Billy, and that's what makes America how it is today.
by Steve Franklin December 01, 2005

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