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when a poo refuses to go round the u bend of a toilet after flushing.
Daphne had created a poo jam in the works toilet and had to do a double flush to clear the turd
by santorini February 26, 2009
he emptied his bollock bile into Deidrie's mouth.
by santorini February 17, 2009
piles discharge from the anus, usually after a hard shit rips the bee jesus out of your back side, good to avoid spicy foods and a gallon of guinness
i will have to change my boxers as i have some plum juice leakage
by santorini February 17, 2009
to be ramped is to be worse the wear from alcohol
i'm well ramped, i'll have to get a taxi home before i vomit over that fat bird sitting in the corner
by santorini January 25, 2009
tonka or a large penis
thats a fine tonka hanging from your leg
by santorini January 25, 2009

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