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the part of a person's memory, especially male, where memories of naked ex-girlfriends, pornos, your friend's mom, hot teachers, real life upskirts, downblouses and nipple slips, the girl next door, flexible girls, hot lesbian action, and other material, are stored for the purposes of masturbation.
setting: CPR classroom

student1: Yo,did you see how the teacher used her fingers to get the obstruction out of the manequin's mouth?

student2: Seen. She must be a lesbian, or something.

student1: She's going into the crank bank.
by sansaman April 05, 2006
The act of masturbating, especially after a hard days work.
Student 1: Thank god class is done. Glad to be going home.
Student 2: Ya. You going home to crank it?
Student 1: Pretty much.
by sansaman April 05, 2006
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