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A modern day TV series, Actor, Musician,Book, which has become so popular and loved by so many people all over the world that it transcends itself and become a de facto religion with millions of followers, own language, prescribed rituals and sacred texts.

To follow a modern day culture icon as if it was a religion with unquestioning devotion.
The world seems to be engulfed in new religions based on modern day iconic figures and books. Ardorbrity has reachead astronomical numbers of devoted followers. The popular culture seems to be over riding traditional religion and beleifs, and it's no surprise when the God Icon that forms the central worship of an Ardorbrity society is actually living breathing celebrity or icon.
by sans-souci January 13, 2010
A disorder that makes you feel weak and controlled by the strong urge to compulsively, repetitively read the user manuals for all your home appliances everytime you need to use something.
Hannah had become very particular about a lot of things in her life and it made her feel in control when everything was working smoothly in her home and the way she used electrical appliancs had to be so precise that she would read each ones user manual repetitivly before she used anything. The doctor had diagnosed Referendless Syndrome and had assured her of the many diferent treatments and therepys used to treat and cure sufferers.
by sans-souci January 13, 2010
Pronunciation: pet pat wah

A made up language that sounds like gibber jabber, used by pet owners or people who like to communicate with animals and pets. People who use this language sincerely beleive that they are actually talking to their pet.
"Any pet lovers out there fancy brushing up on their Petpatois? Would you love to be able to communiate with your four legged friend effectivly? Well a new evening class is begining next week on Thursday evening, Petptois for Everyone starts at 8pm in the village hall"
by sans-souci January 11, 2010
Self Image unhappiness that leads to heavily photoshopping photos of yourself, so you are a perfect version of yourself. The photos are to upload onto the internet so people that you meet think you look like these perfect images.
"I have made many new friends online and some have suggested meeting up in person. The thing is I am too ashamed to admit this openly but I am a Portraitor."
by sans-souci January 11, 2010
To really want a new gadget, to be obsessed about possessing it, to fantasize about new gadgets even if tyou don't know how they work, or why you really want it
"When I saw the new Lenovo Lephone it wasn't a case of I wanted it, it was more like I wanted to pobsessit"
by sans-souci January 11, 2010
Someone who is overly protective about a person or object, to the point that you become completely possessed by the fear of what could go wrong.

A person who is so worried about protecting something that they smother it with their own fears.

Something that has made you both paranoid and annoyed.

extremely annoying

Pronunciation: par-a-noid
The coddling and paranoid actions of Jill's father to try to watch her every move and protect her from the harsh cruel world outside, just made Jill more parannoyed.
by sans-souci January 10, 2010
Ree Botch Chew Late
To keep making the same mistake over and over again even though you tell your self not to do it again you do anyway. Compulsive error
"One of my new year resoulutions for 2010 is to try not to rebotchulate this year, time to move on and succeed"
by sans-souci January 11, 2010
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