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Historians have discovered that the first Seun was the great king Seun, King of a tribe of sand people known as the Mongoloids.
Known for there mis-proportioned bodies modern day Seuns are often referred to as Chodes. They are often involved in homo-erotic illegal activities. Despite these disadvantages Seuns are kind hearted simple folk who are known for being overly flamboyant.

They suffer from Seun-itus which is scientifically defined as a gigantically thick penis. Hung like a t-rex they are famous for there sexual exploits.
Seuns are the only people that Wesley Snipes fears.
guy 1: "Did you hear about the girl that got killed by having sex with a horse"
guy 2: "That was no horse, that was Seun."

Woman 1: " I had sex with this guy last night, my pussy is now the size of stargate."
Woman 2: "so he was hung like a seun."
by sanchezandjebus69 January 22, 2013
to be NAT-TASTIC; to be completely awesome with the flair and raw perfection of natalia.

that was NAT-TASTIC; an event or action that was so amazing and awesome that it is beyond comprehension of the normal human mind only natalia can possibly understand the true awesomeness due to she is the only one who can be truly nat-tastic
There can be no example of been nat-tastic due to the sheer feat of trying to understand how something is nat-tastic would make a persons head explode.
by sanchezandjebus69 January 23, 2013
Latin: Ragius Slagius Rodius

This sexual maneuvre takes lots of preperation but creates a huge amount of sexual pleasure.

You need to locate the targeted females used period pad, or for a better reaction use someone elses, then superglue around the edges of the bloody pad. Before sneaking up behind her in the dark and slapping the period pad over her mouth so it sticks bloody side in. Then commence having sex with her from behind wrapping your arms around her waist as she struggles to get you and the period filled delight attached to her mouth off, you should time how long you can hang on for.
My girlfriend was furious when I did the Raggy Rodeo, but 14 seconds beat my dads record.
by sanchezandjebus69 January 23, 2013
When a girl uses another girls face to pleasure herself before squizzing on her, sticking the bed sheets to the girls head and then punching her square in the face.

This incorporates the act of the snooki punch made famous by mtv show jersey shore.
the sticky snooki is widely feared within the lesbian community.
by sanchezandjebus69 January 23, 2013
A clump of fecal matter (poo) stuck to the back of a man's testicles after an espicially messy session in the loo.
I had dingleberriess and karls everywhere last night after that vindaloo
by sanchezandjebus69 January 23, 2013
1. A small Mexican circus flea. Famous in the Burrito region of south Mexico. Is a great lover of Spooge and taco's.

2. Latino American for small and horny.

"hey senor you Chihuahua is mucho melissa."
She ate that spooge taco like a true melissa
by sanchezandjebus69 January 23, 2013

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