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When a short pudgy guidette is in yo face and you get mad drunk and just knock that bitch out!
This fuckin guidette was all up in the situation so I snooki punched that bitch out.
by "The Situational Grenadier" December 20, 2009
71 20
The act of punching a woman that very clearly deserves it.
Snooki was all up in my face about some bullshit drama causin a scene in public so I snooki punched her in the face and was given a round of applause
by jesterATP February 11, 2010
19 8

A sucker punch administered to a woman.
Did you see Rhianna's face after Chris Brown snooki punched her?
by paulwm January 12, 2010
16 7
The act of throwing a punch that hits one or more bystanders as well as the intended target.
Al threw a snooki punch that took out half the crowd.
by jscrib June 19, 2011
2 1