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5 definitions by samuraisushimonster

The shopping cart that a bum stole to put their stuff in.
There is a bum buggy so there must be a homeless guy around.
by samuraisushimonster October 14, 2008
A combination of crap and dammit which has the same meaning as dammit.
Crapit this computer is to slow.
by samuraisushimonster March 06, 2008
A remix of scared shitless.
Bankers were shared scitless of the economic troubles.

When bankers get shared the economy goes to scit.
by samuraisushimonster October 16, 2008
A nicer name for homeless people than a bum or hobo.
Look at the outdoorsman hes spending the money people gave him to buy booze.
by samuraisushimonster October 14, 2008
this is what Eskimos get when they sit on the ice to long
The Eskimo got Polaroids because he spent to much time on the ice toilet.
by samuraisushimonster March 05, 2008