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1.) bronchiodialator, active ingredient: ephedrine. Became popular as a stimulant abused by truckers, later heavily abused by midwestern high school teens, later by college kids who used the drug to stay up late cramming for exams. Its abuse lead to restricted ephedrine sales across the country.

2.) Rap artist based in Pittsburgh, PA

3.) FFXI Elvaan character on Valefor server, primary job: red mage.
1.) Dammit, I ate 3 minithins. Now I can't sleep!!

2.)Minithin tore up that fat black dude in that battle last week

3.) Minithin is always on time with the Refresh, yo!!
by sammy zipdisk January 17, 2005
a short woman that sits on valuable things so that she can see the TV over her stacks of AARP magazines.
My damn modemtuh aunt sat on my new video card and motherboard boxes and ruined them!!
by sammy zipdisk January 17, 2005
1.)unknown medical problem mentioned on Dr. Octagon's album

2.)FFXI character on Valefor server, primarily served as mule of Minithin
1.) I heard you had the moosebumps.

2.) I sent the gil to moosebump!! Let go of my fucking ear!!
by sammy zipdisk January 17, 2005
to pull out ones pubic hair, usually when alone and in a closte or bathroom
Sam grew up to be a self-loathing fuck who would either play MMORPGs or just fithe all day.
by sammy zipdisk January 17, 2005
upper middle-class white kids who spend their parents' money on weed and spend their time cursing god because they were born into a life that billions struggle to attain.
Your opinions on world issues are meaningless, hippy.
by sammy zipdisk January 04, 2005
1. a person that steals
2. character class in ffxi that is totally gimped after level 60
Prrrowla quit playing as a thief cause he never got invited to parties.
by sammy zipdisk January 04, 2005

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