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3 definitions by samhigginsisasexybeast

It's what you say when some crazy ass, epic, and/or ridiculous shit goes down; usually said by a random on-looker.

Variants of the word "Aw Shit Son" include:
Aw Bob Saget
Aw Dayumn Son
Aw Damn It
*little white boy beats up a straight up baller*
Random On-Looker: AW SHIT SON

*a dude gets 20 caps in his ass*
by samhigginsisasexybeast December 19, 2009
28 7
To assign redonkulous assignments to students; verb

The history of this word comes from a science teacher by the name of Mr. Cornstubble, who once assigned a 20 page paper about a chapter in his textbook that had to be due in one week. Students rebelled and he decided to cancel the assignment 3 days before it was due, so many students did all of this work for nothing.
Teacher: Okay class, your task is to write me a 39 page essay on why 2+2=4.

Student: BULLSHIT!!! Why do you have to Cornstubble us all the time?!
by samhigginsisasexybeast December 17, 2009
10 1
1. An amazing town in North Carolina, until all the yankees moved to it and it became a snobby rich town; noun

2. A suburb of Carrboro, NC; noun

3. Where many annoying spoiled brats live; noun
1: person: i love all the new neighbors moving into the neighborhood!
other person: yeah, i just hope this town doesnt become a chapel hill though...

2. carrboro citezen: im sorry guys but i cant pay my rent so im moving to chapel hill...
everyone: NOOOOOOOO!!!

3. *at school*
student one: i got a new lexus, and ipod, and an iphone for christmas because im perfect!
other students: i bet youre from chapel hill...
by samhigginsisasexybeast January 02, 2010
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