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Sickest punk band ever and anyone who sez otherwize is a cnut.By the way, Foyf is a morron for thinking that reforming with Graves instead of Danzig was a bad idea.Danzig waz better, but Graves still kicks ass!
The nazis were ass-raped at the Misfits show
by Samhain February 27, 2003
an insolent little faggot retard
shut up you emo fagnards!
by Samhain February 28, 2003
A twenty-first century marketing buzz word used to convince teens that the over-hyped, over-produced, corporate-friendly crap they listen to on the radio station everday is actually "unique, hip, different" or that they somehow aren't part of a target market in which they all obediently buy the same crap.
Yeah, that hot new underground rapper made his debut on TRL today.
by samhain November 19, 2004
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