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Cheesy phrase said after someone completes a pun. Used in the same way as the after-joke drums.
A: Did you see the blind man's house?

B: No

A: Neither did he

B: Pun city!!
by sameopet December 23, 2012
When you kill multiple people in a row, usually in a video game.
NOOOOO! 6 Kill streak! So close!
by sameopet March 30, 2013
Misnomer of Centennial High School, named so for the large amount of Asians attending. Widely accepted as one of the best high schools in Maryland. The football and basketball teams are generally failures but the math team consistently wins at county and state meets. The teachers are pretty good but it is mostly the students' effort (and Asian backround) that gives the school it's high academic status.
Chentennial has been hit by an asian invasion
by sameopet December 23, 2012
The cool way to say "roar"

Originated in the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Pickles" when Spongebob responded an intimidating customer by saying "rawr"
Bubblebass: "I hear Squarepants is back.

Spongebob: I'm right here, Bubblebass.

Bubblebass: I thought I ran you out of town. *spits in can*

Spongebob: This is where I belong. *blows bubble*


Spongebob: Rawr. ;)

Crowd: *gasps*
by sameopet March 29, 2013
When you are doing an extremely boring essay, decide you have better things to do, and hit the print key without editing it.
I didn't want to waste anymore of my time on that dumb essay so I just decided to do essay evacuation.
by sameopet April 08, 2013
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