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3 definitions by samdaman

mexican slang for fucking the turkey, originated in the state of Sinaloa. To be used when angry at disruptions, or annoyances
"No Estes Chingando La Pava" (quit fucking the turkey)
by samdaman December 01, 2004
a horrible new sexual act able to be performed only by skinny mexican gays from san diego ca. involving rough anal penetrations with mexican snacks, like chili lollipops or spicy peanuts tied together with a string and then inserted rectally. Very disgusting, but apparently trendy in the La Mesa area.
"Man, those Petey Caro's left my asshole on fire!Delicious!
by samdaman November 22, 2004
mexican slang for "no", derived from "nel" used in mexico city, but now used by border citizens to refer to El Paso, Texas.
Pepe: wanna go to a whorehouse?
Pancho: Nel Paso, Tejas, bro...
by samdaman December 01, 2004