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1) Extremely massive male reproductive organs.

2)Huge meat
I don't like to brag, but the doctor told me I have a rare condition called Wangus Maximus. Want to see?
by sam ward May 27, 2007
1) A pseudo-medical term for male reproductive organs
When I had my physical, the nurse had to grope my Meatus Wangus, but I didn't mind.
by sam ward May 27, 2007
1) Undersized, unimpressive male reproductive organs.

2) Small meat.
That waitress told me that the chef has Wangus Meenus. I don't know how he can live with small meat.
by sam ward May 27, 2007
1) a regular person, caught up in their day-to-day activities, with no unusual interests or ideas

2)a normal man
Etymology: Refers to Pinnochio wanting to be a real boy

"That girl is married, has a mortgage, a honda, and two goblins. She is just a real-boy like the rest of us."
by sam ward May 27, 2007
1) The best of the worst

2) The best of times and the worst of times
1) That new goregrind band is the blurst!

2) My family reniuon was the blurst! It started off great, and then everyone got drunk and started fighting.
by sam ward May 27, 2007
1) An unruly child.

2) Any child that has not learned manners or ettiquette, especially a newborn baby.
"Did you hear that my sister popped a goblin?"

"Really? Now there's going to be a goblin running around her house! Ha ha! You are an uncle!"
by sam ward May 27, 2007
1)The one thing in the world that sucks the most at a given moment in time.

2)someone who sucks as bad as they possibly can.

3)the worst thing ever
1) Yeah, my car just broke down today and I couldn't get a ride to work. It was the suck.

2) My buddy, Pat, went back to jail again. Ha Ha! He is the suck!

3)This jalapeno milkshake is the suck!
by sam ward May 27, 2007

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