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A bucket that rebelious children continuously fart in and close the lid to trap the stink inside. Then they hope their parents will open this bucket and get a waft of child fart.
Dude, I can't wait for my bitch Mom to open my fart bucket. It's got three years of my stinkiest farts waiting for her.
by Sally Crapbasket May 10, 2009
Wrap saran wrap around your lower body like its a pair of boxer shorts. Wear it for 24 hours while eating foods that make you repetitively fart into said wrap. after the wrap is at the point where it can get no stinkier, take it off and slap your girlfriend in the face with it during sex.
Colleen broke up with me last night because I pulled the Saran wrap trap on her. I miss her already.
by Sally Crapbasket June 21, 2009
Pulling down your pants and dragging your nutsack across a cheese dip prepared for a large party. It helps if you run a few miles to maximize the stinkyness.
This cheese dip tastes good but it smells like someone dragged their stinky sack across it. This is some stinky dip.
by Sally Crapbasket June 21, 2009
Pretending to like football just to be in a room of grizzly football loving men. You use this time to check out their potential chubby size, and fantasize about touching their butt holes with gardening equipment.
I'm sick of that football fag staring at my junk all the time. Why the fuck does he have gardening sheers with him?
by Sally CrapBasket August 17, 2009
Refers to the aesthetics of a dorky girls boobs. They often point in a weird direction, and have a large gap in between them. They can be extremely unpleasant if encountered when sober. This type of titty can even be caught reading a book under her bra, although its very rare.
Ryan: "God you're hot but your tits are dorky as shit."
Jen: Yeah, these Dork tits are pretty stupid looking."
Ryan: "Why the fuck are they reading?
by Sally Crapbasket July 07, 2009
Wearing a pair of shorts that are loose and repeatedly showing your nuts to other people when sitting down. Usually on a bench of some sort. It helps if you make rapid hand movements by the area of vision.
Dude, did you see Jason's balls through his leg hole?

yea, those are some real Ball Shorts
by Sally Crapbasket July 07, 2009
When a new couple gets together and the male persistently attempts drunken assaults on the females B.H. (butthole). In some cases he will even hide lubricant under the bed for such an occasion.
I'm sick of this B.H. Cat and Mouse shit. Lauren, you better get puckered up cause that butt is gettin' blown out tonight.
by Sally Crapbasket July 07, 2009

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