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Sense of joy or ecstasy derived from being covered in mud or playing in the mud.
After we ran together in that wet muddy obstacle race I felt mudalicious!
by saintrafael June 12, 2012
To revive a cell phone that has been submersed in water by placing it in a bag of rice and agreeing to sell your soul to the devil if it works when it dries out.
I dropped my iPhone in the stupid toilet again but had a successful ricesuscitation it by sticking it in a bag of rice for 24 hours.
by saintrafael November 08, 2013
the obstacles (things, experiences or people) that you've overcome in your life
kicking cigarettes was one of my best overcomings
by saintrafael January 06, 2013
An adjective that describes an intense but pleasurable workout or athletic activity, or that describes the "high" that comes from an intense workout or athletic activity; anything that's hard but rewarding.
That 3-hour workout was burnalicious!


I feel so burnalicious after that awesome day on the slopes!
by saintrafael September 25, 2011
partial certainty; "pretty sure"; on the way to absoluteness but not quite there.
"That is partialutely the best meal you have ever cooked, because there was that lasagna you made that one time...


I am a Christian and I partialutely believe in the theory of evolution.
by saintrafael September 23, 2011
A unit of time that is stretched and is usually more like 75 or 80 seconds because some people like to under-estimate time to make you do stuff for longer.
"Dude! That was a joe-minute! You need a new watch!"
by saintrafael September 29, 2011

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