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A word used by jocks,athletes,and tools to describe a male bond so strong and so deep it would make you question their sexuality.
Yo brad my bronamith that shower after practice was sweet. Next time ill do the soaping
by sahandsome September 07, 2009
slangin: To sit around drinking beers, staring at everyone who passes by, and b.s.ing around and acting like your living the thug life. slangin is often seen in or on rap videos, porches, and your occasional porno but is not restricted to any of these places. other popular choices are basements, garages, and the beach. other locations can be created using popular social networks such as face book or twitter.

WARNING: while slangin you might find yourself in a hostile situation such as a fight or bru ha ha. do to the staring down of anyone who passes by. weapons should be fashioned to further increase your chance of victory in such an event
yo jeff we were slangin something fierce the other day at the corner you missed out. Me, john, doug, billy, e-rock, juniper, and ally took down like 13 40's like it wasnt none.
by sahandsome May 09, 2011

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