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NOT ALL EMO GIRLS CUT!!!!!!!!! So what if they cut its not like it's hurting you. May be gross to you and its not a problem. An emo girl is some one who is sad and is emo for A REASON! It's because we're depressed because some one made them like that. And their not f****ts,b****s,or j*****s. Just missunderstood. For who the are,yha they like spending their time with their friends. Because the UNDERSTAND THEM! Yha all emo's are diffren't because they don't want the world as fucked up as it is! It's good to be diffrent. I do admit some can be stuck up.But let me tell you something I'm emo and I'm not stuck up. And by the way the corect term is sence! PPL these days need to get out of their little wholes. And see who their hurting here. We are people just like you! Not your little selfconfidnce boosters! People who think we cut and are b***s and j****s an need a life. Theres so much more to emo than cutting or crying or being depressed. We have hobbies we eat sleep. We have fun alot of fun,we like doing wild and crazy things! So that's the real def remeber it.
jock:Hey look at that lozer she's a emo. EMO GIRL,EMO GIRL,EMO GIRL!

girl:What's wrong with that?

jock:Hello,emo's cut your going to die!

girl:Yha and you take pills and S's to get you ready for the game.


girl:See that's the same thing you did to me. *smirks*

jock:*walks away* and starts to curse and swear.
by saddness6060 November 24, 2006
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