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13 definitions by saddam hussein

In Quebec, the thief who follows the first burglar and the second burglar.
We arrested de first two burglars, but de turd burglar got away.
by Saddam Hussein May 09, 2003
1633 833
A coffee with milk, which costs 5 times as much as a coffee with milk.
Gimme a venti latte with extra foam! And is there any way you can charge me MORE money without giving me any more in return? You can?! GREAT!
by Saddam Hussein May 09, 2003
386 116
A $50 car. Favourites include the Hyundai Pony, Datsun 210, Chevy Chevette and Dodge Omni. You can hold the rusty body panels together with radio station stickers.
Arsehole: "Dude, your car is a beater. Get a better one like mine."
BeaterMan: "How much did yours cost?"
Arsehole: "$30,000."
BeaterMan: "I can buy 600 beaters for what you paid for yours. Dipshit."
by Saddam Hussein May 09, 2003
273 99
One who is proficient in servicing (others') penises.
George Bush is a filthy cockmaster.
by Saddam Hussein May 07, 2003
285 120
The jersey number of Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player and quite possibly the greatest athlete in history. No one will ever wear 99 again in the National Hockey League.
No one will ever break 99's records. Ever!
by Saddam Hussein May 09, 2003
205 155
Home of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet (featuring Space Ghost), the only two reasons to watch television.
Turn on Cartoon Network! Space Ghost is comin' on!
by Saddam Hussein May 09, 2003
52 27
Some twat at high school decided to use this cos I used to use chillax years ago... oh well he was a fuckin punk - means to put yourself in the state of relaxation.
You need to relaxofy yourself mah brotha
by Saddam Hussein April 28, 2003
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