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stressed out as a result of shitting bricks all day and then fingering your asshole relentlessly for 5 hours using italian dressing as lube; the funny feeling you get when you are chewing mashed potatoes; when someone walks up to you, pulls down their pants, and rips ass in your belly button; another word for a penis covered in cauliflower.
Cecil was lambuged after traveling to danny's house with a tummy full of taco flavored burritos; Awaiting sweet lambug, Ryan Smith busted a nut after hearing that the cafe was serving mashed potatoes for lunch; Cecil and Darrington walked silently behind Raluca, and lambuged her by surprise simultaneously; Bryce has a nasty lambug
by sack attack October 07, 2007
a cd case that is broken and wont shut properly
I wanted to stick my dick in a blender after I found out that the cd I bought was a nashnub.
by sack attack October 08, 2007
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