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Herron High School is a public charter school located in downtown Indianapolis, providing a classical liberal arts, college preparatory education. The school's curriculum is structured around an art history timeline and emphasizes the classic art and literature of many cultures. Through an integrated curriculum and classical methodology, Herron High School believes that all students can learn to think logically, express themselves creatively, appreciate aesthetics fully, and approach any subject intelligently.

In other words, the staff is pretty tight. The people are cool, but (like any school) can be petty and immature. You decide how much drama you wanna get in. One thing about Herron is they don't discriminate against being different. You find all walks of life there and even though there are some cliques, they don't hate on each other like other high schools. Herron High School is overall a pretty awesome community of people who are waiting to leave their mark on this world.
by sabragirl December 10, 2010

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