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Slang name for the drug Heroin.
You know they get that Herron in the jails by shovin it up they ass.
by P Charming October 03, 2008
1. To refuse to hook up with a girl no matter how much she wants your dick.
2. To hit a home run, and then give up before getting to second base.
Man, that girl wanted my cock, but I herroned her because I wanted a cigarette
by wondertwin69 September 02, 2008
Meaning to rape or pressure a girl into having sex and/ or doing other sexual activities.
Herron! MAN! That nigga Adam Herroned that bitch last night! Did you hear about that?

Yeah I heard Adam Herroned her real good.
by eric35357 April 17, 2008

Thief or someone who steals money or valuable items

Criminal who normally plans his whole robbery

often calls a robbery a job
"I heard that Herron got away"
by Grant Garmand August 08, 2008
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