10 definitions by sa

exclusive possession or control of many dicks
soon luciano will have a dickopoly
by sa July 27, 2003
one who is both a bitch and a whore all at the same time.
"yeah, you're the bitchbiatch."
by sa July 27, 2003
A furry is a fat, ugly homosexual, occasionally a pedophile, who gets into a badly-tailored homemade suit that looks vaguely like a six-foot-tall fat fox and then pounds other people in skunk suits or unsuspecting animals in the ass. Generally believes himself to be some sort of animal trapped in a human body waiting to get out. This is a delusion that keeps them from realizing that they're socially worthless pigfuckers.
"Oh hay, that furry just fucked my dog! Kill him!"
by SA October 02, 2003
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