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10 definitions by sa

Fag in Russian (also see pidar ). A widespread swear word Russians employ. Often employed as an insult even if the target is not homosexual. Comparable to fucker in English.
Suka blia, this Bush is such a pidaras!
by SA April 12, 2005
200 68
Naima, a word. a name that i will remember rest of my life. Naima, I really love you. You are my first and only love.
You rejected me, you hurt me but that doesnt reduce a bit of my love to you. I will always have desire in my heart to be with you. Some people are not lucky enough to get what they love most. I am just one of them.
by sa December 27, 2004
206 94
A shitstain, and by metaphor a racist.
His offensive remark revealed him to be just another bum the sad.
by SA January 21, 2005
51 16
A lunatic asylum cunningly disguised as a posh school. Inhabitents include:
Tangoed people and
People with skirts so short they are belts
Merchant taylors' girl's school
by sa June 11, 2004
66 63
to think like a homosexual
jimmy sais we should all take off our shirts. he's being fagmatic again.
by sa July 27, 2003
7 6
a combination of east and dware that still wouldn't have as many ppl as rfms or rms
bob: hey what would happen if u combined east and dware?
fred:u would get damnwell
bob: that would be a lot of ppl wouldn't it?
fred: nope... 100 tops
bob: wow they really are hicks
by sa January 03, 2005
2 2
A description of an uber cool guy.
That guy is so despater
by SA November 09, 2004
4 4