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The moldy orange stuff Bill takes off Newman's grundle and puts on his ham sandwiches. It smells like rotten cheddar mixed with ear crust but Bill still eats it.
Bill quote: "Hey Newman open your legs up so I could get some grundle cheese. I'm makin grundle cheese tacos for breakfast."
by sLicK 2 thA bOne March 08, 2005
noun or verb (adjective - see beasty)

n: someone/something one thinks is cool or someone/something one likes/is fond of
n(2): a girl who resembles the inside of someone's crusty asshole; an ugly bitch who makes you gag when you look at her
v: to bitch someone out; to verbally own someone
n: Steve's a fuckin beast.
n(2): Melissa looks like a dude.. Ugh what a beast.
v: Bill got beasted by Mina.
by sLicK 2 thA bOne March 08, 2005
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