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(n): Mocking term for a man engaging in feminine activities or otherwise compromising his masculinity.
Come on Nancy, you've been getting ready for an hour. We're late for the game.
by sKratch August 08, 2004
Main Entry: ownjie
Variant(s): or ownji
Function: noun, transitive verb
Etymology: Modern English "Own". Possibly contraction of "Own Joo" or variant of "ownage".
Inflicted Forms: Ownjies
1(noun): a) Ownage b) Extreme mastery (chiefly plural)
2(verb): a) To perform with excessive skill over b) To defeat in an embarrassing manner c) To display dominance over
(n) I have unleashed the ownjies upon you!
(n) The ownjie you are about to experience will be profound.
(v) You got ownjied hard.
(v) Oh man he ownjies you but why
by sKratch February 20, 2004
1 (n): A loser, tool, or person of lower standing
2 (v): a) to own or humiliate through defeat b) to spam text through a chat program (especially in IRC) with the word "pony" or similar phrases, implying that an individual or group is a pony

Originated in #team-de on irc.gamesurge.net
1. Man, what a pony; he was still buying when we planted.
2. a) We ponied them pretty good, they forfieted after the half. b) #hellx got ponied hard, but then we all got banned.
by sKratch August 08, 2004
1 Syn. Marijuana;weed;pot

2 Erection
"I broke down all the wood to roll the blunt."
by skratch July 26, 2004

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