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excellent label with many great indie and emo bands like bright eyes, cursive, the faint, azure ray and the good life.
by Sars July 21, 2004
boys who arent afraid to break the sterio type about how a "man" is supposed to act and express emotion.
they tend to attract alot of girls(and guys too) because they are true to themselves, and thats sort of sexy i guess.
they have pretty hair that falls in front of there eyes and most of the time they cut themselves. they are typically skinny and just pretty in general.
ohhh! look at the pretty emo boy! with the pretty hair! **drools**
by Sars July 21, 2004
"peg" obsessed, almost from naas, accent changing, man whore!
cormy's such a cormy!
by sars November 11, 2003
what an idiot does when he or she cannot obtain sex.
Bob is a 50 year old man that loggs on to a teen chat as SexySuzy to get off on little boys!
by Sars July 21, 2004
to pass gas through the anus, to fart
"i made a cheese biscuit!" "cheese biscuit!"
by sars October 26, 2003
An instinctive reflex.
She was so rank, I couldn't help but visigothan at that chick.
by sArs August 22, 2003
What squealing fangirls try to call Mike Shinoda's and Chester Bennington's supposed "relationship". But what they mistake for love is a friendship, since both Shinoda and Bennington are married; Bennington has a son.
lyk3 omg that peekture is sew benn0da!!111!~
by SARS November 05, 2004
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