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If you can make this face in real life, you're either retarded or deformed.
omg hi ;>
by SARS June 20, 2003
An elite group of porn crackers who provide free access to membership sites for perverted guests in #asp.
I just got a free password from alt.sex.passwords. Those password crackers are the best!
by Sars January 30, 2004
the lead singer of the excellent punk band Rancid
why is it that as soon as a band has any sort of success they are apparently "sell-outs"?
by Sars July 21, 2004
Completely fuckable, beautiful, intellegent, poetic man.
In many indie bands, like Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos and Commander Venus.
Founder of Saddle Creek Records in Omaha.
"now i beleive that lovers should be draped in flowers, laid entwined together on a bed of clover, left there to sleep, left there to dream of their happiness.."
A Perfect Sonnet- Bright Eyes
by Sars July 21, 2004
Lead singer of Cursive. Brilliant Writer.
"this is the bed that i have made
this is the grave where i will lay
these are the hands where i will bury my face"
The Great Decay, Cursive
by Sars July 21, 2004
Brilliant band fronted by Bright Eyes lead singer Conor Oberst, but has a much louder more agressive sound.
There are no art forms now just capitalism so send the national guard to the mall of america and they can dress dead bodies up in tight designer jeans diesel prada it looks good it looks good yeah it does
by Sars July 21, 2004
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